Testimonial (L.L.)

That day was April 19 and I remember very much being anxious all day thinking about what could happen to me, I never thought I was going to have such an incredible experience and boy was it!

A couple of weeks ago, I had been presenting symptoms where my body and mind went off the planet and that showed me a signal, that I was ready.

At first, I had to ask my mind to calm down and thanks to the mantra that was given to me it did. As the questions were asked, I began to notice that it was no longer my body, but rather that It was ME who spoke and answered each question. With each question I felt that I was discovering that inner light, that which had already been there for a very long time but for some reason, had never awakened before. Feeling that it was the same being and that no matter what color, shape or size it was, it was ME and it had always been ME all my life but now I knew it, I knew it was there and I didn’t have to look for answers outside but inside. I knew that I could not disappear and that I could not lose myself,

I felt too much love, a pure and unconditional love. That love made me cry, I cried with regret because I thought that it had taken me a long time and that I would never return home. Then, I had a huge feeling of going out, like I wanted to be outside, and I knew I wanted to expand. I let myself go and I felt that my heart was overflowing, I felt that I was overflowing with light, I felt that it was warm and unlimited and I only let myself go in this state. I had chills for a few moments and clothed myself because my body did not stop shaking. I felt a nice tickle and it was everywhere, there were no limits, no time or space, no personality, it was just ME, I was God or what we call divine, i was that and I am that.

At the end of the session, I looked in the mirror and felt that I could see a single silhouette, as if it were a projection and when I left the house to touch a rose, it was as if I could see it with a magnifying glass and as if every detail penetrated me, by touching her was like almost touching her full vitality.

I felt incredibly tired and my body ached so I had a hot drink and slept like I had never slept before. When I laid down I was still overflowing, it was so limitless and beautiful that I let the sensation flow.

Thank you, thank you, thank you all and everything!