Testimonial (T.C.)

During my meditation, I reached a state of calm disconnection and found myself surrounded by a dimly lit darkness with a pink fog. A white orb extended through the mist in front of me, illuminating the darkness. Two black orbs approached, glowing white with iridescent reflections of the entire spectrum, resembling flickering fireworks. They came from the left and right, working on me in a not unpleasant manner. As they did, my entire body vibrated, and I was pushed upwards back into the pink fog. Guided by my light, I found myself inside what appeared to be a giant cavern with organic walls, reminiscent of the belly of a creature, like Jonah’s story. A spinning whirlpool, indigo blue in color, caught my attention. From its center, thick plumes of dark purple and pure liquid gold swirled together like an inside-out candy cane. Moving through the tunnel, surrounded by solid gold and purple swirls, I eventually reached the end, where I saw pure black and a golden sun. Spiraling wildly, it felt like surfing, and I descended for some time, smiling and almost giggling, until I reached the tunnel’s end. The atmosphere changed, and although familiar, the place felt dreamlike. Standing in water on a beach, a coastline extended towards a lighthouse. A wall stretched out, and the beach ran along it. The sun set rapidly, turning the sky pure black with no stars, while the city beyond the wall glowed. Suddenly, I was pulled back to my body.

Once again sensing the inside of the cavern, it resembled folds and flops, akin to the inside of a dog’s pink mouth. This time, the tunnel was less vivid, with various sections twisting and turning, creating a sense of time passing as I explored new parts of the system. Opening up to a vast expanse, it resembled an underground ocean with a massive spinning whirlpool in the middle. Despite several failed attempts, I finally descended through jagged cave-like tunnels, bathed in a soft pink hue. Arriving at a city with vibrant crystalline structures, high spike roofs integrated into the cavern’s roof, I noticed a long bridge leading to the city with water on either side. The entire city shimmered and vibrated, creating a mesmerizing sight.