Essences and Reincarnation


Over the last ten years we have received information from the Spiritual Hierarchy about the Realms we will inhabit after our physical death. Additionally, we have been given Knowledge from friends and relatives who have crossed over into the Heavenly Worlds.

Seemingly, each of us Emanates from an Essence that resides in the Spiritual Dimensions. We might use the term Soul to represent the Energy that animates our physical body and witnesses our emotions and mind. The Soul is here to learn lessons that were carefully worked out before our birth and feeds back its Earthly experiences to educate the Essence.

Each Soul, and therefore each incarnation, is unique. The most accurate way to understand Reincarnation is not from an individual’s point of view. To say for example, “I lived before” suggests the permanence of a Soul. A better model would be to say that many Souls are created by the same Essence. Therefore if a person is regressed they are most likely to glimpse lifetimes emanating from their particular Essence.

It is quite possible that a number of Souls from the same Essence may incarnate simultaneously. They are likely to be family members, close friends, colleagues or partners. If a person has a Spiritual life and has attained high States of Consciousness this will most certainly enrich and elevate their Essence.

When a person first dies, it is only the physical body that is transcended. The emotions and thoughts remain and are responsible for our initial awareness of the Spiritual Realms. This is confirmed by people who have had near death experiences; you essentially create your own Heaven!

During this time there is a life review where you get to ‘see’ the things you missed or failed to learn from. There is no judgement, just a gentle revelation to aid your understanding. Eventually it is time to move on. At this point the emotional and mental energies start to dissolve which allows the Soul to merge again with its Essence.

We know from our Meditation that at some level Everything is Connected; it is therefore no surprise to discover that Essences also interact. Souls from one Essence might choose to incarnate with those from another Essence on a regular basis, to establish partnerships such as marriage. Again, this is a common discovery when people are regressed.

As with family trees, if you go back far enough, everybody is related! We think this is also the case with Essences, that they would all Emanate from a common Human Monad – food for thought!

What we have written should not be taken as definitive; it is just a simple model to help us gain some understanding of the subject. As we gather more information it is inevitable that the model will need to be updated.