Testimonial (Y.G.)

First I want to give a million thanks to (J.M) And (D.H) for having come so far to Initiate us in Light and Sound meditation and transmit their knowledge and teachings with so much love, humility and in a selfless manner. They are two wonderful beings. I love you so much. I send hugs from my heart.

The experience of feeling my breath, retreat and dive into the depths of my being … and disappear as an individual … and be a whole … where no forms, no thoughts, no thing but knowing you are everything. No time or place. It’s like being born again, with another mentality without negative thoughts, as if there were no mind. To see so much Light and the most beautiful images I never thought could exist, and at times to hear the Sound and to find so much beauty in our inner being, giving way to a sense of peace and joy in my heart, that does not compare to anything.

I feel more integrated, more grounded, more myself, less scattered, more conscious and aware, more receptive to everything around me. more flexible. more humble, more full of love with all, and others. And the connection to internal energy… A call to the source of energy that nourishes us with light and life.

I invite you to continue to enjoy these states of Love. Thank you.