Other Intelligences


When we look at the size of the universe it is inconceivable that humans represent the pinnacle of Intelligent life. If we also entertain the possibility of other Dimensions then we have to seriously consider the existence of Intelligences that dwarf us both technically and intellectually.

Beings that populate the physical universe and are bounded by its laws would struggle to communicate with each other due to the vast distances involved. There seems to be a speed limit in place which is known as the velocity of Light. All forms of communication such as radio waves, lasers and microwaves adhere to this restriction. At this speed signals would take 4 years to reach our nearest star and 2.5 million years to arrive from our nearest galaxy.

These figures show the absurdity of space travel beyond the confines of our solar system. Unless we can find another method of communication that transcends the limitations of light we are effectively isolated from any other intelligence that may exist in the depths of space.

Some hope is emerging through the discovery of a phenomenon called entanglement. This suggest that certain subatomic particle such as electrons can communicate, instantly! It has also been theorised that the brain may operate in a similar manner.

This leads to the possibility of travelling via and into other Dimensions. Many scientists believe they are just a convenient way of fudging mathematics but there is a growing body of people who think these other “Worlds” actually exist as an absolute reality.

People who Meditate on Light and Sound realize that these Energies are not physical in origin. It is as if they are seen with other eyes and heard with other ears. It is not unusual to be Conscious of physical sound and simultaneously be aware of the Spiritual Sound. This can also occur with the light/Light. It is perhaps best understood as the acquisition of another 2 senses.

It also becomes very clear that we do not control the Spiritual Energies; the moment we try to intellectualize Them they simply disappear. When we are greedy and expectant, They retreat. They appear to be waiting for us to turn up with an openness, humility and respect. When we cultivate the right attitude then we are taken on The Journey. This Journey ultimately leads to Spiritual Enlightenment, the Absolute Knowledge of what can be best expressed as total Oneness.

Along the Way and after Enlightenment many Meditators report the presence of Light Beings. They exude an indescribable Love and will sometimes impart Knowledge. This ranges from help with personal problems to information that is designed to help the Planet and its inhabitants. This is how this Path started back in 2015!

As human beings we all have the ability to love and show compassion toward others. Some may cynically say this is to protect our own interests but that doesn’t explain altruism and those that give anonymously. If we can demonstrate these beautiful qualities it makes perfect sense that Beings from High Dimensions would also want to do the same.

As They witnessed the plight of the Earth and its inhabitants They would naturally want to help. One way would be to show us that the Dimensions in which They live, actually exist and what better way of doing this than giving us the ability to visit these Realms. This of course is the Spiritual Path that many have travelled along throughout the ages. It is also the cornerstone of most Religions.

Today, it appears that ordinary people are becoming aware of these Energies/Beings as if they are receiving a wake up call. For many this is very comforting and helps give their lives a Spiritual significance. For others they see this as an amazing invitation to pursue the Spiritual Path and discover its untold Wonders.

Do contact us if you want help accessing the Light and Sound or are already aware of the Energies and wish to learn how to Meditate on them.