The Purpose of the Path


The initial purpose of this Spiritual Path is for the Seeker to be given access to the Higher Planes of Consciousness that are perceived as a beautiful Inner Light and Sound. By Meditating on these Energies a person will learn about the Mysteries of the Universe and begin to realize their True Nature . This lies beyond the physical, emotional and mental spheres. It is not something that is taught and requires belief…it is witnessed and is Absolute Knowledge.

Ultimately this Path culminates in Enlightenment. The Meditator will transcend all the levels of Light and Sound and merge with the Infinite. This is sometimes referred to as God Consciousness. On attaining this State the Seeker will realize the Ultimate Mystery…..the Universe is pervaded by just one Energy and that is Love. From this Love comes all the manifestations of the Creation which cascade through the vast Spiritual Realms and eventually forms our familiar physical surroundings.

On attaining this State the only real thing a person can do, is give. The giving can take many forms. It can be demonstrated using the “Pay it Forward Principle” by helping others discover their Spiritual Nature. There are so many people suffering at this present time that would benefit from Compassion and simple kindness. Also, the Planet is very sick from centuries of abuse; there are many projects that can help restore the delicate balance of Nature.

The World is a tough place and life here is not easy. We are driven daily by mechanisms to ensure our survival. We often have problems with our health. We can struggle with relationships, employment and financial issues. If only we had magical powers then everything could be made right.

However, the purpose of physical life is to learn lessons and some of them are difficult and require degrees of suffering. The Spiritual Path does not provide an escape and a solution to all our Earthly problems. What it does provide is a completely new perspective from which we may see ways of alleviating and/or resolving some of our difficulties.

When a person tells you about a problem they are experiencing you can often see a simple solution because you have a neutral point of view. In a similar way it is possible, through Meditation, to have an objective view of your own problems, thus making it easier to deal with them and arrive at successful solutions.

So in conclusion the Spiritual Path will reveal your True Nature and unlock many of the Mysteries of the Universe. Meanwhile you are still responsible for leading your physical life and enduring it’s many lessons. However, the more your Consciousness expands the easier it should be to deal with the challenges that come your way.

Initially it is service to self and then service to others. The more you learn to give, the more your focus is away from self and the more fulfilling your life will become.

“It is only the Giving that makes you what you are.”