Testimonial (G.G.)

3 Days – 1–3 January 2018

It’s just 10.57am, the third day of a three day meditate. This morning, in amazing Hollywood style glitz, the stars of creation took me on an incredible journey to the very edge of all being and beyond.

I had asked to be Enlightened from day 1. But yesterday was a difficult day, I couldn’t concentrate, my mind was a dump of thoughts – from current obsessions to unconscious strands of thoughts and emotions….a random, incohesive jumbled mess of thought. No wonder the world is in such a state if everyone’s mind is like this, I thought.

‘It won’t happen to me. I can’t meditate. Other people have great, clear meditates. But my mind just doesn’t work that way. Oh well! Obviously that’s the way it’s meant to be…..not for me this lifetime. But I’m letting people down who have invested their care and love in helping me.’ And I was letting me down too.

So I gave up meditating early in the evening and went to bed, dejected.

This morning, I woke to creation’s finest, lined up to help me – in sparkling, spangly light. One Being was on my left and one unseen (but felt) on the right. There were crowds of others. I got up and meditated following their guidance, not questioning, as I knew I was in the middle of something special.

As soon as I closed my eyes I had the sensation of moving swiftly ‘upward’. In a split second everything ‘blew’. And in that moment everything changed….multiple realisations about life, and then peace.

There was a fissure of intense, brilliant light. All potential was here. I played with reflections of the light, lighting up the two helixes of my DNA. I ‘sent’ light to people close to me and those I knew needed help. And then I meditated, surrendering to the peace.

Eventually I took a break from sitting and when I returned …

… another prompt to move up into the fissure of light. I wondered what would happen. I would die in that Light – melt and disappear. A moment’s hesitation….. fear…….. then into the light. I curled into a ball to fit into the fissure, becoming a foetus and melting into the light. Then I was just a twinkle, a spark. Then merely intention….. Essence. And then …

‘I am the Light.’

Then further ‘back’ still.

Before the Light.

And then …

‘I am

No Thing’

No space, no time, no gain, no loss, no desire, no heat, no cold, no colour, no void, nothing near, nothing far, no up, no down, no black, no white.

No lack.

Complete. Stillness.

A b s o l u t e P e a c e.


Little old incompetent, ordinary, fallible, flawed, bad-meditator me. The tenuous hymen to life’s sacred mystery had been stretched and broken. And in that moment……. my destiny fulfilled.



Everything happens just as it should. I asked for Enlightenment and I know the Masters and high Beings of creation put everything in place to make it happen for me. Though conceptually not at all what one would expect. As outrageous and wild as it sounds, it took a glittering crowd of light Beings and twinkling, sparkling special effects to get me there.

But it worked – keeping me focused, helping me surrender. The gift of pure Grace.

Since that wonderful, amazing day meditation has been incredible – powerful, transformative and intensely Love filled. I believe that all that mankind needs to know is there ready to be discovered….about every topic imagined and yet to be imagined. To ‘bring down’ knowledge to change this world. To live compassionately, nobly. And to love … unconditionally. And the more people who reach Enlightenment, the greater the transformation, the greater the love, the higher the wisdom.

I once believed in the Age of Enlightenment and then I stopped believing. I couldn’t see how mankind could make the leap.

But now I can!