Self Realization and God Realization

Self Realization and God Realization are quite different. There are many definitions to be found in Spiritual literature, many of which are confusing and contradictory. We therefore, felt we should attempt to lay out clearly what WE mean by these terms.

Self Realization

This occurs when we experience an expansion of Consciousness in which we realize that everything that we are aware of is our self. We relate to all we are aware of: forms, sounds even spaces. Everything appears brand new and is pervaded with an Energy which is us!

This can happen during normal life. One moment our consciousness is trapped in a little body the next we are taking in all our surroundings – all in one go. Usually this is triggered by emotional and/or mental extremes. A person can be ecstatically happy or in the depths of despair; it seems to work like a safety valve.

For those that Meditate on Spiritual Energies Self Realization can occur at a much Higher and profound level. In deep Meditation we can experience merging with the Light and Sound, knowing that we ARE these Energies – no longer the observer.

God Realization

This can occur when Meditating on Spiritual Light and Sound. Through the Grace of a Master (or directly from the Spiritual Hierarchy) it is possible for a Meditator to transcend all the manifested Energies. These Energies are products of the Source (God), they are not the Source itself. They are expressions of duality in which there are limits.

The Cause of everything is simply Oneness, an Essence that just Is.

On attaining God Realization or True Spiritual Enlightenment, an Infinite State of Being, a Meditator will have a multitude of realizations which are encapsulated in thoughts.

In True Spiritual Enlightenment there is:

  • No Light, no colour, no shape or form.
  • No Sound or vibration.
  • No self; the sense of individuality and separation disappears totally.
  • No location; there is no forward, back, left, right, up or down.
  • No limits, edges or barriers.
  • No time, past, present or future as there is no change.

The best way of speaking about Enlightenment is to state what it is not. If we were going to give Enlightenment a quality the only word that we could possibly use would be LOVE. This is not to be confused with an Earthly love but a Love that is totally unconditional and is the Oneness or the Source of the entire Creation.