Testimonial (L.A.)

To talk about how this wonderful EXPERIENCE happened, is to go back to the initiation of LIGHT AND SOUND, where I arrived following my heart. It was a connection with a whole, I felt part and at the same time everything, it was a feeling difficult to describe, even more difficult because I was the last person to narrate my experience, since by correspondence they started on the opposite side of the circle that had been made. I listened to wonderful experiences of colored lights, of appearances of Masters in the Meditation.

My narration was about a giant and wonderful Universe without color and more than seeing, it was feeling, everything was beautiful.

After almost a year, before I could reconnect, and before I could even speak to (C), who was the Teacher who Initiated me, I felt that I was afraid … afraid of not being worthy of Enlightenment, I was feeling in my heart a call and this calmed my thoughts, after this I decided to call him on the phone.

It is then that he asked me when we could meet to do a special process to finish my Spiritual process and then we agreed on the place, the day and the time to meet.

It was a very warm afternoon, I walked from my house to the meeting place, walking consciously and with an open heart to whatever this meeting with him was. It happened in (L’s) apartment, a beautiful Enlightened being with Magic in her Soul and hostess of an apartment full of Light. We subtly began a very deep introspection guided by the Teacher and immediately this connection transcended and expanded in a wonderful way, it was similar to the experience already lived in the Initiation, only that multiplied to the umpteenth power, it was a wonderful verification, a revelation, It was wonderful, my Being became Universal Love. At the end, I merged into a hug with (C) and (L), with the beautiful plants of that apartment that danced happily for that Magical moment. I felt myself diluting, looking at (C) and seeing his eyes full of White Light and then I realized that we were One, all just One, wonderfully One, Now that I try to express it I know there are no words, I was ecstatic.

After eight days of this experience, I met with him again to do a therapy with Tibetan bowls, we talked, I told him about my meditation, how I enjoyed that space connecting with the One, we started the therapy and then my third experience began wonderful, surpassing this many times more than the previous one lived only 8 days before.

In this experience I was carried into my entire system of cells, atoms and molecules, feeling wonderful things, receiving information and verifications, I was expanded in Infinity, connecting with the Absolute Self. I was That. It was indescribable, an experience full of colors, of chakras, of cells, of revelations of the now, expanded in the indigo that diluted me, expanded and expanded again and I became Love.

Now I know that I have had the most wonderful experience of my life.

With this testimony, I want to help motivate you to connect with Light and Sound, with the certainty that it is a beautiful Path of total connection with the Source of all Creation and human existence.

I Love you! ❤