Testimonial (D.D.)

My story of emptiness, that one about Love …

One for which there are no words or human emotions to describe, even though, one that my Heart asks me to write in one more morning where tears of happiness sprout from my chest, where the longing is to remain eternally and never leave, one in where it becomes that reason of one’s existence, from there always merging into Being, into flying…

Experiencing dying in life of all that was not really Me, of fears, attachments, of what we call wounds, the story that I thought I was, was a necessary transit, because without that death of the ego I could not have risen to the freedom that is only possible from the Spirit, that where its experienced that nothing is missing anymore, that I have always been complete, that I have always been perfect, and most wonderful of all, the search that since I have memory, not only In this journey, if not in All, the most wonderful gift, has been and been in Me and I in Him, that I have been eternally in Unity, that we ARE ONE, that I AM the same LOVE, the birth to INFINITE LIFE … Death, Resurrection and Life.

The now, living at last the Love that seeks my entire existence, gives meaning to each experience, even those that the ego interpreted as pain. Today in absolute certainty I know that Everything is made of Love, that Everything is its manifestation and that each Being that has crossed my path is only an expression of God, and being like this, How not to LOVE?

I returned Home, to the Heart, to LOVE and from there I will never leave. In this Eternal and Wonderful Present, here and now, I AM an instrument in the hands of the Father, Love in Me, through Me and around Me, His Will in Me forever, Paradise, Heaven on Earth .

Being, just Being, Beacon, Light, LOVE, GOD, as real as what I AM.

Without fears
No attachments
Without pain
No suffering

I am freedom
I am the Flight
Now Free