Testimonial (M.P.)

In early 2015 I started to feel a little different to what I always felt, it was out of the parameters that I knew.

Years later an enlightened friend (P) ????❤???? insisted that I should be initiated in light and sound; I didn’t understand what she was talking about, but I accepted. In July 3, 2019 (C) gave me The Initiation and… I started a wonderful journey and begun to understand a lot of things. I begun to meditate more and I went forward with small steps (I thought so). At the end of 2019 my connection with The Creator was greater.

2020 begins and group meditation is intensified.

And wonderfully the coronavirus pandemic arrived leaving a perfect time for meditation. It was a great time for spirituality, my body begun to prepare and on April 9, 2020 I was Enlightened.

To understand submerging yourself in the wonderful light of nothing, in the darkness that is light, the Creator that we are all, and that we are all one, it is the most wonderful present and gift I have received.

After the Enlightenment I felt like a cotton flake, I did not get out of that ecstasy. At this moment I listened to the sound, the sound of love. Our physical body, I was unable to explain neither light, nor sound, nor feeling.

Only the person, who lives it, is the one who understands it. Understand love for everything and understand everything.

We are ONE