Testimonial (E.H.)


Hello everyone (April 2022),

I started to meditate on the inner Light and Sound on 12th September last year. Before the Initiation I meditated on a mantra. I then was already seeing a lot of Light. However the mind was leading then in what I saw. The geometry was different. I saw lots of buildings and all kinds of nature.

After Initiation I compare my meditation with Yin and Yang. During the meditation I saw white and black leaves coming towards me. It was an active process.

I have seen lots of colours as well during my meditation. Most of the time the colours are combined with geometries.

My husband and I are working a lot with kids. Most of these kids (and parents) are also meditating on the Light and Sound. They can see different kind of colours, and hear the ground tone. The kids really enjoy hearing the groundtone. It is special for me that I recognize what they see and are experiencing.

I find it very special that several mothers and kids are meditating together. It is wonderful to hear how it makes their bond stronger. That it brings them, for example, in contact with the stillness inside of them.

Last Sunday my meditation was very special. In a split second I realised that I am Everything. I experienced Love and it was for me like coming Home. It was such a huge experience that it is impossible to share it. It was and is difficult to put the experiences and realisations into words.

Enlightment is the end of the human journey. We are told that the human race seems to be the only creatures in the universe who can go from the state of ignorance and Journey to Enlightenment.

For me Enlightment feels as completing the human journey, as well as the start of a new journey. It also feels as getting a new vehicle, which gives me the possibility to help other people along the Spiritual Path.

At the moment ‘our group’ counts 156 Initiaties, from young till older people; a lot of them are parents with children. Mainly in our country, but also in other European countries and some other places in the world. For now my husband and I prefer to be a group ‘under the radar’. We expect to make a fast growth of Initiaties, especially in the West, where the Energy and higher conciousness is really needed.

I wish everyone Love and Light.