Testimonial (M.H.)

The thing that struck me most about my Enlightenment is that I was “taken” – there was no visualising, no trying to see or hear anything in particular. I wasn’t even sitting in my normal meditation cushion upstairs. I think if I had been trying too hard then it wouldn’t have happened ( not then anyway)

Normally it would take a while to get into the Meditation but this time as soon as I got comfortable I felt as if I was propelled through levels of Consciousness – up and up. Each Level as I reached it felt different – I can’t say how – maybe finer energy. Other people have since said they experienced a speedy ascent but mine was quite slow and I was able to enjoy the feelings of the different levels. Then very quickly I was in a space with nothing there, I can’t remember how long, just a few seconds, there was no ‘ me ‘ there.

Then this overwhelming sense of Love. It is the uniting Principle throughout creation. I understood that Love has many levels. In the highest level it could be called God in form. Love is the uniting energy that joins each atom together to form thoughts, emotions and everything in the physical universe. Without Love there would be no form. I then saw everything coming from Me in the highest sense.