Enlightenment is a word that is in common use, and means: one understands. It is also used by people who have had mystical experiences and altered states of consciousness. These can take the form of profound physical expansions where the sense of self encapsulates all that we are aware of.

The Spiritual Enlightenment we speak of is completely beyond the enlightenments mentioned above.

Enlightenment is something that happens and happens only once. It is like a balloon popping; once popped it cannot re-pop! It is experienced as a permanent State. However, you return from that State as you still have a physical body. You will undoubtedly feel different and life should change for you. As a result you will have realizations and amazing insights into the mysteries of the Universe.

Enlightenment is so simple that the moment we try to describe it we will automatically fail. The best we can do is to state what it is not.

In True Spiritual Enlightenment there is:

  • No Light, no colour, no shape or form.
  • No Sound or vibration.
  • No self; the sense of individuality and separation disappears totally.
  • No location; there is no forward, back, left, right, up or down.
  • No limits, edges or barriers.
  • No time, past, present or future as there is no change.

The best way of speaking about Enlightenment is to state what it is not. If we were going to give Enlightenment a quality the only word that we could possibly use would be LOVE. This is not to be confused with an Earthly love but a Love that is totally unconditional and is the Oneness or the Source of the entire Creation.

Testimonial (Y.F.)

My story could fill several books telling the experiences of a limited human life like anybody else’s. I would say my life wasn’t easy, if we speak of challenges I had a few. I always had a strong desire for Love, Truth and Righteousness and I searched for this in many wrong places until the only place left to search in was within. Never believe you are not worthy of Enlightenment or that you have made too many mistakes. All your life has been a call to get you right here. Believe me, if what you long for is Truth and True Love, this Path is for you. Enlightenment is the destiny of all of humanity. I don’t intend to disappoint anybody by saying that (Y) never got Enlightened: somebody limited will never experience Limitlessness. This is why I realized what I am not and what I am:

I am Love. I am Formless, I am the Essence of Everything and Everybody. I am Everywhere. I am the Light that illuminates the Path back to Me. I am the Sound that transports you where the matter can´t reach, more and more within, breaking layers upon layers of limits until you reach Me, your Essence. Rest in Me, I am the Empty Space where all Creation is manifested… Galaxies, Dimensions, Stars, Planets, Beings from Every Sphere, Ascended Masters, People, Animals, Plants, Oceans and Seas, Fire, Rains… Everything leads you to Me. I was never born, I will never die. You are my Witness. Observe everything around you, everything happening within and outside you. Embrace everything and you will rest in Me. Everything is manifested in Me. I am the Truth, there is no reality until you rest in Me.