“I became tired during my Meditation, it was past midnight, so I lay on the floor to rest for a while. A voice (I don’t usually hear voices!) simply said, “Why are you wasting time?”

I simply let go and immediately was Taken at “warp speed” through what I can only guess were the Levels or Planes of Consciousness. One after the other getting faster and faster with the Knowledge that I was “consuming” Them. The Light of the Planes was brilliant White with perfect Black regions between each Level…. my Teacher later explained each Level of White light comes from Black Light. My sense of self was expanding rapidly like a balloon being inflated.

Eventually, I transcended a layer of Light and Knew instantly that it was the last (how did I know?… not a clue). My sense of self exploded Everywhere and I was gone!

There was no Light, no Sound, no Limits no Time….and certainly no me. I was the Oneness!

I can only guess in physical time I was the Oneness for 30 seconds, possibly a minute… and then there was awareness of separation and little me returned….with one amazing difference I didn’t have a centre!”

Many Enlightenments?

In common speech enlightenment can simply mean understanding. For Spiritual Seekers it can mean Seeing the Light. However, the Enlightenment we speak of is paradoxically beyond the Light and beyond the Sound!

It is impossible to define as it has no edges, no limits, no geometries, no vibrations and no colours. The only word that comes close is LOVE; an undifferentiated, unrequited limitless LOVE.

After Enlightenment

After a person has attained this State, they still have the same physical body, set of emotions and mind. However, they Know that what pervades Everything in the Universe is One Energy (some may call it God). This God cannot speak and does not make judgements; it simply IS. By Meditating it is possible to Experience wonderful States of Bliss and some people report merging with the Oneness again.

However, if you know a secret, you don’t need to rediscover it, as the illusion has gone forever!

The Truth About Enlightenment

The permanent state of which you speak cannot be permanent, within a physical body. You can have realizations with states of consciousness but that is what they are, not states of being.

For example, you can witness the state of “non thinking” in deep meditation, but you are the witness, not the state.

On Enlightenment you go to that “permanent state” for a while, you feel different and life should change for you – but you come back to live your life, albeit from a different perspective. I repeat, you DO come back, you have to, or you could not function as a human being.

When an Enlightened person dies they shed first their physical shell, ascend to the higher dimensions and enter into a”big sleep” continuing to shed further bodies that were used while in human form on Earth. Then a shift occurs and “they” are no longer the “individual” but still conscious, a Being of Light. The Being of Light then joins with their Essence which permanently resides in the Spiritual Worlds..

Following this there are 3 possibilities:

  • Merging into the Oneness…….forever.
  • Staying in the Spiritual Worlds, serving and continuing to learn.
  • Returning to the physical dimensions by taking another set of vehicles to further pursue life’s lessons.


Attaining Enlightenment

A person may be fortunate to attain Enlightenment Spontaneously. However the vast majority of Seekers need to receive some form of help. We can provide that by connecting you to the Light and Sound Energies. If you then Meditate on a regular basis, They will propel you through the vast Planes of Consciousness and Beyond. You cannot Ascend yourself – you need to be Taken. But for that to happen you need to practice letting go.

We have no real understanding of the Spiritual process; it is totally Miraculous! We are so fortunate that this Mechanism exists, so that Human Beings can Know the Truth.

“Gaining Enlightenment is an accident. Spiritual practice simply makes us accident-prone.” — Suzuki Roshi

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